Northlake, Texas

Northlake, Texas
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We Buy Homes for Cash in Northlake, Texas

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We Want to Buy Homes for Cash in Northlake, TX

If you’re looking for ways to “sell home for cash,” the traditional route probably isn’t the best. Selling a home can be stressful, especially since there’s so much waiting and uncertainty involved. Besides waiting for the right buyer to come along, you have to wait for their approval for a loan. You also have to deal with the possibility of last-minute contract cancellations if the bank turns your buyer down.

Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the standard, stressful process other sellers go through. Instead, sell to a company that “Buy Homes for Cash in Northlake” like OutFactors. We are Northlake home cash buyers that will close quickly, usually in 10 days or less. By selling to OutFactors, you will get the cash you need in just a matter of days.

Benefits of Selling to a Cash Home Buyer

When you sell your house to a home cash buyer that is BBB accredited like OutFactors, you are sure to have a quick and trouble-free sale. We have an excellent reputation for holding up our end of the deal and making the process as painless as possible. Here are some of the top benefits of selling your house to OutFactors, your home cash buyer:

  • Sell house as-is! You do not need to spend thousands of dollars getting your home ready to put on the market.
  • You won’t need to make any repairs to improve your home’s curb appeal. We buy homes for cash in any condition.
  • With our Sell and Stay leaseback program, you move out when you’re ready.
  • No need to worry about paying high closing fees.
  • Since we buy homes for cash, you won’t need to worry about bank approval.

In short, you don’t have to worry about all the things homeowners worry about when they sell their homes through traditional methods. We are the “Home Cash Buyer” company that will pay cash for your Northlake home. As a company that buys houses for cash, we simplify the process. Get your “Cash for Home” offer today.


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Who said selling a house for the HIGHEST cash price has to be a stressful, drawn-out process? If you’re ready to sell and want the money quickly, we have the ideal solution. Use our convenient, no-obligation cash home buyer offer request form to request the HIGHEST cash offer for your home. Just answer 4 simple questions and we’ll get you a cash offer in a matter of minutes.

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We Buy Homes for Cash in Northlake, TX!

When you want to sell your home in Northlake, Texas fast to a “Cash Home Buyer,” you need to contact OutFactors. We are the cash home buyer that pays some of the highest cash prices for homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area.

If you’re wondering how to “sell home fast,” we have a solution for you. Instead of dealing with bank loans and realtor commissions, why not sell to companies that buy homes for cash in Northlake, like OutFactors? With no stress and hassle, OutFactors is your Northlake cash home buyer you want on your side when you’re selling your home.

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We are the cash home buyer Northlake residents can trust.


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    Northlake, Texas

    Farm Community to Growing Suburb

    The city of Northlake is a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas on Interstate Highway 35W about 25 miles north of downtown Fort Worth in the southwestern portion of Denton County.

    The area that is now known as Northlake started like many north Texas communities, with settlers arriving in the mid to late 1800s. Like most North Texas towns during that time, the land was used primarily for farming and raising livestock. From the early 1900s to 1950, there was no major economic or historic event that is recorded about the area, and the land and the population consisted of about 20 people who lived on their farms and ranches.

    Unlike the City of Denton and Fort Worth, the area remained quiet and unincorporated through the 1950s. It was the growth and expansion of these neighboring cities, and their desire to annex the neighboring farms and ranches into their cities that led to the creation of Northlake.

    In a desire to control the destiny of their community and not be annexed, the local farmers and ranchers banded together. After some debate, they decided that the best way to protect the rural character of their community and not be annexed was to establish a city of their own. So in December 1960, the residents of the community officially incorporated the City of Northlake. Upon incorporation, Dan and Margaret Ashmore were appointed as the first Mayor and Town Secretary.

    Over the next 30 plus years after incorporation, the town operated on an informal basis without a designated meeting place or official town hall. The town elders and residents would hold meetings as needed at the home of one of the residents. It wasn’t until almost 40 years later in 1999 that the City of Northlake built its first Town Hall.

    The community leaders of Northlake were able to retain the rural character of Northlake for over 20 years while all of the surrounding towns experienced explosive growth, but like with all things, change was inevitable. Northlake gradually began to change in 1970, and by 1980, the population reached 140 residents. The growth continued, and by 1990, the population again increased and the city had 250 residents.

    As the growth and population of the cities around Northlake exploded, the leaders of Northlake decided to create a comprehensive city plan that would allow them to manage the growth. The comprehensive plan did not stop the growth but allowed the city to grow and develop in an orderly manner. And grow it did, with the population exceeding 900 by the year 2000 and then almost doubling again to over 1,700 in 2010.

    Today, Northlake is a fast-growing suburb that covers 17 square miles with a population of about 3,400 residents that has been able to retain much of its southern rural charm.


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