Wilmer, Texas

Wilmer, Texas
June 24, 2021 Mark MacFarlane at OutFactors.com

We Pay Cash for Houses in Wilmer, Texas

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We Pay Cash for Houses in Wilmer, Texas!

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We Pay Cash for Houses!

How the Process Works: Offer to Closing

We want to buy your house and will give you an offer in about 2 minutes and typically close in 10 days or less. Selling to OutFactors is incredibly fast and easy. Here’s how the process works:

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  6. We’ll inspect the property and while there answer any lingering questions you might have.
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History of Wilmer, Texas

Railroad Town to Thriving Suburb

Wilmer is a suburb of Dallas, Texas in southeastern Dallas County that is bisected by Interstate Highway 45 and Cottonwood Creek. Wilmer is located ten miles northeast of Seagoville, Garland is twenty-three miles north, and downtown Dallas is fourteen miles southeast.

One of the earliest recorded settlers was Andrew K. Gray who arrived in the area in the 1840s and was the original land patent holder. During the early years, the community was named Prairie Valley that was primarily a farming and cattle ranching community. This changed in 1872 with the arrival of the Houston and Texas Central Railroad and the establishment of a train depot.

The historical records indicate that Prairie Valley and Wilmer coexisted for a period of several years and that Wilmer became a community in 1876. Wilmer was named after A. J. Wilmer, a popular train conductor on the Houston and Texas Central Railway. A Tennessee immigrant, J. W. Johnson, arrived at Prairie Valley in 1883 who served as Prairie Valley’s first postmaster. The name of the post office was changed to Wilmer in 1884 at which time it appears that Prairie Valley ceased to formally exist.

The railroad brought growth and economic opportunity, and by 1890, Wilmer had a population of approximately 100 people, two churches, a steam mill, a cotton gin, and two general stores. The small farming community had become a regional transportation hub for area farmers and various ancillary businesses. Over the next 25 years, the community continued to grow and by the start of World War I in 1914, Wilmer was home to about 200 people, three churches, the White Banking firm, the Cotton Oil Establishment, a blacksmith shop, a restaurant, a livery stable, two drug stores, two grocers, and had telephone connections.

The community was devastated in July 1929 when a fire destroyed most of the business sector, including one bank. The community came together and rebuilt but relocated the business sector to the east along what was US Highway 75 that later enlarged and renamed US Highway 45. In the 1930s, the population of Wilmer was approximately 250 people and when it was formally incorporated in 1945, it was home to 450 people and had over 135 homes. J. H. May was served as the town’s first mayor. By the late 1940s, the city had established a public water system and a volunteer fire brigade was formed and supplied with a fire engine.

Between 1950 and 1960, Wilmer underwent a period of explosive growth and development with the population more than tripling to over 1,780 residents by the year 1960. Over the next 10 years, growth was limited with the population in 1970 being reported as approximately 1,920 people. The city then entered a period of growth with the population again rapidly increasing to 2,367 people in 1980. The 10-year alternating periods of slow growth followed by accelerated growth continued for the next 30 years with the population in 1990 increasing slightly to 2,479 people, increasing rapidly to over 3,390 by the year 2000, and then growth slowing again with the population reaching 3,682 by 2010.

Today, Wilmer is a thriving suburb that covers 6.40 square miles with a municipal court, a library, six churches, a water system, local parks, five industrial parks, two cemeteries, police, fire department, and has over 4,800 people who call the city home.

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