Pilot Point, Texas

Pilot Point, Texas
January 15, 2021 Mark MacFarlane at OutFactors.com

We Make it Easy to Sell Your House Fast in Pilot Point, TX

Sell House As-Is for the HIGHEST Cash Price

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Most home sellers don’t know that there’s an easy way to sell your house fast in Pilot Point, TX. In a matter of minutes after you answer 4 simple questions, OutFactors will email you back a cash offer on house. There is never any obligation or cost to get the HIGHEST cash offer from OutFactors. We are the Dallas Fort Worth home cash buyer that makes it easy to sell house as-is!

If you would like to avoid the stress and aggravation of repairing, staging, and showing your home, our process will be perfect for you. Please read on to learn how easy we make it to “sell my house fast in Pilot Point.”

5 Easy Steps to Sell Your House Fast for Cash

Get Paid the HIGHEST Cash Price

To get started, you need to request your free, no-obligation highest cash offer for your home. It is super easy, just use our online form to answer 4 simple questions, or you can call us directly by phone during business hours to get your offer.

Whether you decide to request your highest cash offer for your home online or via the telephone, to make a “Sell House Fast” offer, we will only need a few pieces of information from you. They include:

  • The address for the cash for houses offer
  • Occupancy information (tenant, owner, or vacant)
  • When you want to close and get the cash for my house
  • What you think is a fair price to sell house as-is
  • Your name and contact information

That is all there is to it. No complicated financial information, appraisals, or showings. You don’t need to hire a real estate agent or pay thousands in commissions. We cut out the middleman so you can save money, time, and stress. We truly make it easy to sell your house fast without the hassle!

At OutFactors, we pay cash for houses so we need only the bare minimum information to make a sell my house fast offer.

Property value considerations

Property Valuation

Within a matter of minutes, after we receive your sell your house fast offer request, we will begin the property valuation process so we can make a fair cash offer on house. To come up with the highest possible as-is cash offer, we analyze the selling prices of other homes in the neighborhood and current market conditions. We’re very experienced home cash buyers and are good at coming up with cash for home evaluations quickly, so you don’t need to worry about waiting for your offer.

Once we come up with a cash offer for your home, we’ll send it over to you for your review and approval. When we buy houses for cash in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we always do our best to come up with the highest sell house as-is valuation. Keep in mind, we pay cash for houses so there are no artificial bank loan deadlines or high-pressure sales tactics. You are under no rush or obligation to accept our cash offer on house.

Property Visit

After we have agreed upon a sales price to “Sell House As-Is,” we will set up a convenient time to visit the property. This visit provides us with the opportunity to meet you, learn more about the property we’re buying, talk about our cash for houses program, and finalize the terms of the agreement.

Just because you say “Buy My House” or “Sell House Fast,” does not mean that you are rushed through the process. We want you to be comfortable with everything and answer any questions you may have about our cash for houses programs. We encourage you to take advantage of this time to see the many ways that our sell my house fast programs can benefit you.

Sign the Contract

Now that we have visited the property, answered all your questions concerning our cash for houses programs, and you’re ready to move forward, we’ll finalize the contract and send it to you for review and signature.

At OutFactors, we are the “Home Cash Buyer” you can trust. To ensure we keep that trust, we only use Texas-approved contract forms that don’t include complicated fine print or tricky terms.

Cash for House

OutFactors is a home cash buyer that understands you want to sell your house fast, so we move quickly to complete the sale. Immediately after the contract is signed, we send everything to a Texas licensed title company who will assist us in completing the transfer of title.

Only a few days later, you will sign the closing documents, and depending on your preferences, the title company will wire the cash directly to your bank or give you a guaranteed title company check.

Regardless of the route you go with, you will have fast cash for my house immediately after closing. Our cash for homes process is much faster than the traditional home-selling method, which is why it appeals to so many home sellers.

Time to get paid

Sell Your House Fast for the Highest Cash Price

Pilot Point, Texas

Navigation Landmark to Growing Suburb

Pilot Point is a small but growing town that is 18 miles north of Denton, Texas, located along US Highway 377 about 50 miles North of Dallas.

The area was known as Pilot’s Point due to a prominent hilltop that was covered with oak trees and a large cottonwood tree. The hilltop could be seen from a great distance and was used as a navigation landmark by the Indians and later by travelers, rangers, and scouts. As time passed, the hilltop landmark became known as Pilot Point.

The town was founded on the land grant of Charles Smith. On Christmas Day in 1853, the town was plotted by Surveyor George Newcomb, and a short time later, the town plat was created by James Pierson which was certified and recorded in June 1854. Shortly after being platted, the Smith family began selling lots in the newly platted town. One of the first purchasers of a lot was Dr. Eddlemen and his wife from Missouri, who used the land to build a home and a drugstore. The first child born in the newly created Pilot Point was L. Z. Eddleman, daughter of Dr. Eddlemen.

Once started, the community began to develop quickly with the first grist mill and general store opening in 1854 followed shortly thereafter by a post office in June 1855. A year later, Alphius Knight from New York opened the first school. In October 1866, the town of Pilot Point was officially incorporated.

The Civil War years were hard on Pilot Point and the area was plagued by horse and cattle thieves. The end of the Civil War allowed Pilot Point to continue its progress, and in 1877, the first telegraph line arrived in Pilot Point. The line ran from Sherman west through Pilot Point to a post at Jacksboro. By 1890, Pilot Point was a thriving community with a population of about 1,000.

By 1914, the population had reached 1,300, and Pilot Point had an electric plant and waterworks. By the 1920s, Pilot Point had fifty businesses, three banks, nine churches, and a free public school. Although the population increased slightly in the 1920s, it declined in the 1930s, and over the next 40 years, the community entered a period of slow growth. Growth started to pick up in the 1980s and by the year 2000, the population reached 3,500.

Today, Pilot Point is a slow but steady-growing rural suburban community that covers 3.4 square miles with about 4,500 residents.

sold sign showing cash for keys

Cash for Houses in Pilot Point, Texas

Are you ready to sell your home for cash today? We’re prepared to buy it. Get a cash offer on house today and in 10 days or less, you could close on your home and receive fast cash for your house. Ready to sell but not ready to move? We offer a short and long-term leaseback option. You can lease your current residence back from us for as long as you want. Need an extra 5 days or 5 months? No problem.

To get started, get a cash offer on house today. We are the cash for homes buyer that makes it easy to sell home as-is!

Sell Your House for Cash to OutFactors,

Your Pilot Point Home Cash Buyer

Sell House for Cash

The Easy Way to Sell Your House Fast!

If you are facing any of the following situations, OutFactors has the experience and cash for houses programs that can help you!

Stop Foreclosure
• Vacant Home
Settle Divorce
• Bad Tenants
• Need to Relocate
• Bankruptcy
• Health Issues
• Can No Longer Afford
• Family Matters
• Inherited Home
• Unwanted House

Whatever situation you are facing, the people at OutFactors are here to help. We are super easy to talk to and will always treat you with dignity and respect. Contact OutFactors to sell home fast.


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