Weston, Texas

Weston, Texas
January 30, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

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You’re just 2 minutes away from getting a great cash offer on your house in Weston! You can get an all-cash offer, with no listing agent involved, and no waiting. The process is super simple and will only take a few minutes of your time. Just enter your address, answer a few simple questions about your house, and we’ll send you the details about the cash offer we’d be happy to buy your home for.

If you’ve been thinking about selling your house for cash in Weston, OutFactors’ cash for house program is your best option. We simplify the process and make it easy to sell your home. When you sell your home to OutFactors, you can avoid the cost and hassle of selling the traditional way. This is one of the many reasons why sellers love our cash for house programs.

Get started by filling out our online form. The entire process only takes about 2 minutes and personal information is NOT required. Yes, that is correct. No registration, no telephone number, no email address – not even your name. So get your cash offer now!

Sell Without a Single Showing

When selling a home, showing is typically part of the process as buyers want to see the property in person before making an offer. However, this creates a lot of stress for sellers, who have to interrupt their daily lives to clean up and accommodate viewers’ schedules. At OutFactors, we buy houses in Weston for cash and will give you an offer without a showing, thus eliminating the hassle of selling your home. You can sell your house fast without showings!

Pick Your Closing Date

When we buy houses for cash in the Weston area, we let you choose the closing date. Since it’s on your timetable, you don’t have to worry about moving in a hurry. You can take as much time as you need to get everything in order. Alternatively, we can process the deal as quickly as you like to ensure you get your cash on time. When you sell house fast to a company that buys houses for cash, like OutFactors, you are in control. The easy way to sell house for cash!


Lease Until Move Out

Selling a home under less-than-ideal circumstances can be stressful, especially if you have to move quickly. That’s why we offer a leaseback option. It puts you in complete control, so you can stay in your home for as long as you need and move when it’s convenient for you. Need an extra 5 days or 5 months? No problem! Avoid the stress by moving out on your schedule. We make it easy for you to sell your house fast and move out on your schedule.

Interior no repair design

Sell House As-Is

Traditional buyers are looking for pristine houses that are in perfect condition. They don’t want to deal with repairs or remodeling, and they won’t make an offer if the home needs work. This is not the case with us. We buy homes as-is and make the process quick and easy. You don’t have to spend time or money on repairs, you don’t have to clean up, and we can close on the sale quickly.

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No Commission

Many people turn to agents when trying to sell their houses, and experienced agents may indeed be able to help you find a buyer. However, you’ll be missing out on a significant chunk of change once they take their 6% off the top, which translates into thousands of dollars. Since we buy houses for cash and buy directly, you will get all the money you’re due. Sell house for cash and pay no commission.

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Cash for Houses

We understand you need to sell your house fast. You need a cash buyer that can give you the money you need. When you need to sell your house fast in Weston, you need OutFactors! We are the only cash home buying company that can get you the funds you need in as little as 24 hours. Call OutFactors today and get the money you deserve tomorrow! We are your “Weston Home Cash Buyer” that will get you the cash you need when you need it.

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How the Process Works: From Offer to Closing

We want to buy your house and will give you an offer in about 2 minutes and typically close in 10 days or less. Selling to OutFactors is incredibly fast and easy.  Here’s how the process works:

  1. Enter the address of your house through our user-friendly online form and answer a few basic questions about your home.
  2. A few seconds later, our sophisticated computer systems will display your offer. Just click on the Offer Accepted button!
  3. We’ll send you the contract once you accept our offer. We only use consumer-friendly Texas-standard contract forms.
  4. We will answer all of your questions and make sure you understand the process.
  5. Once you sign the contract, we’ll set up the home inspection.
  6. We’ll inspect the property and answer any lingering questions you might have.
  7. You will meet the closing agent at a convenient time and location to sign all closing documents. After signing the closing documents, you will get your cash through a wire transfer or guaranteed title company check.

That’s it! We make the home cash buyer process as quick and straightforward as possible. And remember, getting an offer is free and you are under no obligation to sell to us.

Just enter your address to find out just how easy selling your home can be.


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History of Weston, Texas

Farming Settlement to Rural Suburb

Weston is a rural suburb of Dallas, Texas located near the intersection of Farm to Market Roads 543 and 455, about eleven miles northwest of McKinney in north Collin County.

Historians consider Weston to be one of the first towns to be established in Collin County with settlers arriving in the area in the early 1840s. Settlers were attracted to the area by the rich soils of the Blackland Prairies and the abundance of water that was provided by Honey Creek and the East Fork of the Trinity River. Some of the first settlers to arrive in the area were Thompson Helms, Richard Mugg, A. B. Hamilton, John Choate, George Kennedy, John Chipman, J. M. Edwards, Williams Warden, Houston Orenduff, and the Elwell brothers, William, John, Hezekiah, Thomas, and Andrew J.

In 1842, William Culwell settled just south of what would become Weston and had a blacksmith shop on his farm. Larkin Adamson settled in the area in 1850, established the Weston community which he named after his former hometown, Weston, Missouri, and built and operated a general store. In 1852, James Brown and Alvin Patterson relocated from Plano and settled in Weston. They built and operated a mill and cotton gin on the south side of Weston. By 1854, Weston was granted a post office that was operated out of Larkin Adamson’s general store with him serving as the first postmaster.

In early 1857, the Town of Weston was formally surveyed and Alexander T Robertson, John G Douglas, and Leonidas Wilson were appointed as the town’s first trustees. Being one of the few established communities in the area, between 1850 to about 1870, Weston served as a stagecoach stop for the Sherman to Dallas run. On June 2, 1873, Weston was officially incorporated when Governor Edmund J. Davis signed House Bill 901 and William Denny became Weston’s first mayor. In 1880, Weston had 8 stores selling a variety of products, two cotton gins, two churches, and a school with a population of about 150 residents.

The growth of Weston continued and by the late 1890s, the town had a population of about 400 residents and served as the business and trading center for the area farmers. Unlike many small towns that disappeared when they were bypassed by the railroad, Weston survived but did experience a population decline. By 1900, the population dropped to about 300 and for the next 60 years, the population fluctuated between 200 and 400 people.

Starting in the 1960s, Weston entered a period of slow growth, and by 1980, the population had once again reached 400 residents and rose to over 600 by the year 2000. Due to annexations by neighboring towns and other factors, the number of residents of Weston has fluctuated over the next 20 years.

Today, Weston is a thriving rural suburb that covers a total area of 5.2 square miles and has a population of about 600 residents.

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