Argyle, Texas

Argyle, Texas
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History of Argyle, Texas

Railroad Town to Dynamic Suburb

The town of Argyle is a suburb of Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas, and is located in southwestern Denton County about six miles southwest of the City of Denton on U.S. Highway 377, 41 miles northwest of Dallas, 29 miles northeast of Fort Worth, and is bisected by US Highway 377.

In the 1850s, twenty-nine families settled in the area as part of the Peters Colony land grant program which was later joined by fourteen additional families that arrived by 1867. The community was originally known as Pilot Knob or Waintown at that time. The community’s first school was opened in 1875, and the first church was held in the school the following year. The community of Pilot Knob was officially granted a post office in 1878 and Emily Wilson was appointed as the postmistress. She operated the post office from her log home and distributed the mail by horse carriage.

As with many North Texas communities, the arrival of the Texas and Pacific Railroad in 1881 caused the creation of a new townsite around the train depot. A railroad official named the new community Argyle after a garden in France. The railroad depot quickly became the business and economic center of the region and the post office in Pilot Knob was closed and reopened in Argyle. During that time wheat, hogs and sheep were the major farming commodities that were transported by the railroads to the markets in Fort Worth.

Argyle constructed a two-story brick school in 1885 and had 107 students by 1891. During that time, Argyle was home to 148 residents, two steam gristmills, a cotton gin, two general stores, a guesthouse, a hardware store, and the Argyle State Bank. The town’s business district was damaged by fire in 1895 but the town was substantially rebuilt by 1900. By the late 1920s, the town had approximately 230 residents and five operating businesses.

Electricity and telephone service arrived in Argyle and the surrounding area by 1935, but it did little to stop the economic damage caused by the Great Depression. Argyle was especially hard hit by the depression and by 1950, the population dwindled to only ninety residents. Looking towards the future, Argyle was officially incorporated in September 1960 with M.H. Wilson appointed as the first mayor. Argyle Volunteer Fire Department was established in 1963, and a few years later, a local Argyle newspaper named Quad Town News was published.

Over the next twenty years, the Dallas-Fort Worth region entered a period of accelerated growth which spilled over into neighboring communities, and by 1970, Argyle had a variety of businesses and the population had increased to over 400 people. This period of growth continued, and by 1980, the population of Argyle had more than doubled to over 1,100 people. Over the next 10 years, Argyle entered a period of slower but steady growth with the population increasing to over 1,570 people by 1980.

Between 1980 and the year 2000, the city continued to grow and prosper, and by 2000, the city was home to over 2,300 residents. To serve its residents, the city has a municipal court, community development department, a fire district, police department, parks, schools, and health facilities. The Argyle Independent School District covers Argyle and its surrounding communities and has five schools where kids are nurtured and educated.

Argyle is also proud to be the hometown of Walter Benton Garrison and Joelle Hannah Fletcher. Walter Benton Garrison is a retired American footballer who played for the Dallas Cowboys in the National Football League. The Walt Garrison Multiple Sclerosis Foundation was founded by him. Joelle Hannah Fletcher is a respected television celebrity and real estate investor.

Today, Argyle is a mature but still growing suburb that covers 11.61 square miles and has over 4,700 people who call the city home.

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