Why Your Home Isn’t Selling and How to Fix It
February 17, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

Why Your Home Isn’t Selling and How to Fix It

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8 Reasons Your Home Isn’t Selling and How to Fix It

You have listed your property and are looking for a quick sale, but it’s just not happening. Read on to learn about the top 8 reasons your home isn’t selling and how to fix it. We will help you “Sell My Home Fast.”

1.  Clean, Light, and Bright Sells

Is your home clean and tidy? I mean really neat, as in spotless! Potential buyers are repelled by a dirty home that has a bad smell. A disorganized house with stuff lying all around will also make them head for the hills. A clean, light, and bright home is much more attractive and easier to sell.
Cleaning House to Sell fast
Experts recommend giving your house a deep cleaning, making sure to scrub the floors, toilets, showers, tub, windows, appliances, countertops, shelves, and shampoo the carpet. As part of the cleaning process, ensure you eliminate any foul or unpleasant odor, especially odors from pets. If you have the time, are dedicated to doing a thorough job, and want to cut down on the cost you can do the cleaning yourself. But, to ensure a thorough and professional job, it’s probably better to call on the experts. Since organizing and cleaning are some of the least expensive things you can do to get the house sold, this needs to be the first thing on your list to get done.

You also need to make sure the home is light and bright. A well-lit home is an inviting space and makes people want to stay there. Dark equals dreary and potential buyers are not looking to live in a dark and dreary house. So make sure all of the lights are working—from the garage to the kitchen, front porch to the closets. You want your home to be light, bright, and inviting!

When the house is clean, organized, light and bright, you will be well on your way to selling your house fast.

2.  The Home is Over-Priced

Real estate experts say that pricing plays a huge part in how long it takes to sell a house. The number one question that you need to ask yourself is whether the asking price will create excitement or disappointment. The property may look great with a fantastic marketing strategy, but if you have not set the right price, it may take a long time before you get an offer on your house. For those who may be in a slower market, the experts recommend pricing the property at just under the market price. Remember, the right price means a quick sell.

Pricing a home to make a quick sale can be tricky, so you should consider consulting with a real estate agent. They can provide you market data including comparable sales prices, average days for homes to sell, and insight into your competition.

Reviewing market data and inspecting the homes currently on the market to get a feel of your competition costs you nothing, but not doing the homework and overpricing the home will cost you dearly. If you want to “Sell My Home Fast,” you need to do the homework and set the right asking price.

3.  Bad Pictures

cameraPotential home buyers start their search on the internet, and they love looking at pictures. This was confirmed by a recent study that found about half of all home buyers found their homes online. This means that you need professional top-notch photos that will help you sell your house up to 32% faster as compared with low quality or average photos. Simply put, if you are looking to sell my home fast, you must have great pictures.

Though this might be costly, it is a necessary expense if you want to sell your house fast. Professional photographers, especially those who specialize in real estate, can take pictures at that perfect angle to show off the best features of the home. You need those perfect pictures!

4. No or Poor Staging

National home builders always stage their model homes because they know it is an effective selling technique that allows buyers to picture themselves living in the house. When you stage your home, the goal should be to showcase your home’s best assets and let potential buyers imagine living in your home. This will help achieve the goal of “Sell My Home Fast” and for the highest price. On the other hand, a poorly staged house will have the opposite effect by making the home look cluttered, small, and unlivable. These are all things that turn away buyers, preventing you from selling your home.

This is one of those times that you need to call in the pros because a home that is professionally staged will sell faster and for a higher price. So if it is financially feasible, pay to have the home professionally staged. It is money well spent!

5. Curb Appeal Wanting

Mowing Lawn

The first impression matters and a negative first impression is very hard to overcome. So, ask yourself what the first impression a buyer gets when he pulls up to your home. Does it make them feel good and say wow, or does it make them feel disappointed and say ugh?

Curb appeal is everything! If your house looks run down, unkept, or uninviting; potential buyers will be turned off—they might just turn around without even coming in. A well-landscaped property with great curb appeal will have buyers excited to see the inside of the home and will allow you to sell at a higher price.

So make sure you boost the curb appeal of your home, it will not only enhance the price but also help you sell a home fast.

6.  Poor Marketing and Property Description

How is your marketing? Are you marketing the property in the right places and in the right way?

You should be describing the house in a way that will immediately excite and attract buyers. You want buyers to read the description and dream of living in your home. This includes a property description where all the necessary details have been included, location information, and details about the community. Start by asking yourself what information you would want to see when you are looking to buy a house. Make sure that you include all that and more. But having a fantastic description is just the start; to be successful, you also need to have an effective and comprehensive marketing plan.

A great marketing plan, coupled with great pictures, will help you attract the most buyers and achieve your goal of selling my house fast for the highest possible price.

7.  The Condition of the Home

Woman Painting HouseIs your home outdated and in dire need of repairs? Does it have strong colors and unwanted features?

If this describes your property, you will need to fix as many of these issues as you can. Experts recommend that you start with the easy, less expensive items that have the greatest impact, like repainting. Painting a home with inviting neutral colors, combined with a few small upgrades and fixes, can give your house the boost it needs to attract a buyer. To help you paint like a pro, we have created a guide on How to Properly Repaint the Interior of Your Home in 7 Easy Steps. The guide is FREE and registration is not required.

This is one area where you want to be careful, and not overdo it. Do what is necessary but not more, and concentrate on the items that are the easiest, least expensive, and have the greatest visual impact. A house that is clean, well lit, organized with fresh paint but outdated, will sell.

8. Location Issues

For most, if not all buyers, the location of the property is very important. If the location of your property is not desirable, such as being next to large power lines, on a noisy and busy street, next to railroad tracks, close to a fire station, or other annoyances, you may have a hard time finding a quick home buyer.

Although you can’t change where your house is located, there are things you can still do to help sell my home fast. One of the ways to improve the salability of the house is to mitigate the problems that may be caused due to its location. For example, you could plant a row of tall bushes to screen a bad view or help reduce noise. You also need to consider the time of year you place the house on the market. In the summer and spring, trees and plants will help mask noise and can block unsightly views.

If the location issue can’t be resolved by physical improvements, then you will need to consider adjusting the price. Potential quick home buyers, being aware of the issues, will see a reduced price as compensation. Perhaps, they wouldn’t mind the inconveniences as long as the price is good enough.


Now that you know the 8 reasons that your home isn’t selling, get to work on fixing the issues, and before you know it, your home will be sold. And for those of you who have read this article and are frustrated because you have done everything outlined above, but your home is still not selling, we have a plan for you too.

Home with sold sign

This is where getting feedback from potential buyers who toured your home is invaluable. If you have a real estate agent, request they obtain feedback from everyone who toured the home and provide you their unfiltered comments. If you are going the “for sale by owner” route, you will need to obtain the feedback directly. The easiest way to do this, for all involved, is by requesting feedback via text. This way, the potential buyer does not have to talk to you directly and will find it easier to tell you the truth – which is exactly what you want. Once you know what is stopping the home from selling, you can either fix the problem (if possible) or if the issue is not fixable, like a location issue, then you will need to lower the price sufficiently to overcome the objection.

To help you keep on track and prepare your home to sell quickly, we have created the Ultimate Guide to Preparing Your Home to Sell Checklist which can be downloaded for free by clicking here – registration is not required.


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