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#1. Do you want a bunch of strangers constantly walking through your home?

Most people do not like strangers wandering around their home but that is what will happen when you sell the traditional method.  The average time to sell a home in the Dallas region is 64 days plus an additional 33 days to close and that doesn’t include any time spent completing repairs or preparing the home for listing (March 2020 MetroTex MLS statistics).  During that time you may have many strangers walking through your home.


#2. Do you like the uncertainty of the typical home sales process?

Selling a home the traditional method is time consuming and filled with uncertainties.  Even after you have a signed contract the deal can fall through for a multitude of reasons.  Here are the 6 stages of the sales process and some of the hurdles that must be passed:

  1. List and show (and wait for offers)
  2. Negotiate an offer
  3. Home inspection
  4. Counteroffer after a home inspection
  5. Financing Contingency (can the buyers get a loan to buy the home)
  6. Closing

Selling the home to a fast cash buyer avoids the uncertainty and potential delays


#3. How much money do you think you will spend to improve and upgrade your home to sell?

The average cost is over $6,000.

There is a lot of energy, time, and money that go into getting a house ready to sell. There are repairs to make, walls to paint and carpets to clean. You will need to remove personal belongings and stage the home for selling. (Listwithclever.com 3/2020)


#4. How many contractors will you need to hire to prepare your home to sell?

A typical homeowner can expect to hire 5 contractors including a landscaper, painter, carpenter, carpet cleaner, plumber, and many times an electrician.  This will greatly depend upon how handy the homeowner is and how much time they will devote to do the work themselves. 


#5. What do you estimate your cost will be to sell your home using the traditional method?

If you sell your home for $205,943 (the average home value in Texas in 2019), you could end up paying upwards of $27,802 to make it happen.  While your actual out-of-pocket will vary based on your situation, expect to pay 10% or more of your home’s final sale price if you opt to sell using a traditional full-service realtor. (Listwithclever.com 3/2020)


#6. Would you like to know how much cash you will receive at closing?

When you sell your home the traditional method many variables affect how much cash you will receive at closing but it is always substantially less than the sales price.  When selling your home to a fast cash buyer you will know exactly how much cash you will receive at closing.


#7. Would you like to sell in 1 day and receive your cash in 10 days or less?

The average time to sell and close on the sale of a home using the traditional method is 90 days but with a fast cash buyer, you get an offer in 1 day and typically receive your cash in 10 days or less.


#8. Do you want to move out when you’re ready or when the buyer wants you to?

When selling the traditional method the buyer will want to move in immediately but when you sell to a fast cash buyer you can choose when you move out – even weeks or months later.


#9. Are you ready to sell today and get your cash in 10 days or less?

Whether you are ready to sell now or later, OutFactors will make it quick and easy with an offer in 1 day and cash in 10 days or less.  There is absolutely no cost or obligation to receive an offer!

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