Stay in the Family Home After Divorce

Stay in the Family Home After Divorce
July 26, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

How to Stay in the Family Home After Divorce

What is the Sell and Stay Program?

A sell and stay program allows the home to be sold, the proceeds to be split, and allows the one spouse to remain living in the family home by using a sale and leaseback agreement. Under the terms of a sale and leaseback agreement, the divorcing couple agrees to sell the home to a buyer, the buyer pays the purchase price to the seller, and then leases the house back to the spouse who desires to stay in the home. This amicably solves most issues by selling the asset, dividing the proceeds, and allowing the one spouse to remain living in the home.

How the Program Works

The program is simple but very effective in preventing conflicts over what to do with the marital home. Here are some key features:

  • The homeowner is paid the fair value of the home minus closing cost, the amount required to pay off existing mortgages, and to remove all liens.
  • Ownership of the home transfers to the real estate holding company, simultaneously, one spouse is given a long-term leaseback so they can remain living in the home.

To properly implement the program, there is a fair amount of paperwork that takes 7 to 10 days to complete. So if you are looking to complete the divorce quickly, you want to be sure you do not wait until the last moment to initiate the sell and stay process.

Who Offers this Program?

The sell and stay program is unique and is only offered by a few real estate holding companies, like OutFactors. The program is designed with the homeowner in mind, with a super simple application process and fast approvals.  Best of all, with OutFactors, there are no credit or income qualifications.

Alternative Solution

Pros and Cons

Pros of a Sell and Stay Program

There are many pros to a sell and stay program that you should consider including:

  • The marital home is sold, and the proceeds are split between the couple.
  • It is a method that allows both parties to get what they want.
  • You get paid cash in as little as ten days.
  • The mortgage is paid in full, which protects the credit of both spouses.
  • If your home needs repairs or improvement, the real estate holding company will complete the work at their expense. They will also pay for all future major repairs and maintenance.
  • The real estate holding company will pay all future insurance and real estate taxes.
  • You remain living in the home you love.
  • There are no credit or income requirements to be approved for the program.

As you can see, a sell and stay program has many appealing benefits that may be the right solution for you, but there are a few things that you need to be aware of.

Cons of a Sell and Stay Program

Here are some of the cons you need to take into consideration:

  • As is typical with residential leases, a security deposit is required.
  • You will be paying rent to the real estate holding company.
  • Under a lease, changes to the property are limited to what is allowed in the lease.
  • If the rent payments are not made following the lease, you may be evicted.
  • In many cases, the real estate company will require that you perform most minor home maintenance while they cover all major repairs and replacements.

Although there are some definite drawbacks, a sell and stay program is one of the very few options that provide a divorcing couple what they want, cash from the sale, and the ability for one spouse to remain living in the home after the divorce.

Is the Sell and Stay Program Right for You?

This is a great program that can be a win-win for many divorcing couples but make sure you carefully weigh the pros and cons before deciding a sell and stay program is right for you.  We recommend that you only work with experienced and knowledgeable companies, like OutFactors, who will answer all your questions and put everything in writing.

Want More Information on Our Sell and Stay Program?

Divorce can be tough and create many challenging issues, but what to do with the marital home does not have to be one of them. With the sell and stay program offered by OutFactors, you can get the funds needed to overcome the financial challenges and have the comfort of staying in the home.

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