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About OutFactors

What You Need to Know

Locally Owned Since 2001

The OutFactors.com website is owned and operated by Marlau Investments Inc., a family-owned North Texas-based real estate firm that has been helping people resolve their real estate problems since 2001.

30+ Years of Experience

The owners and managers of OutFactors have over 30 years of real estate investment, management, financing, and construction experience. Our team has the experience and solutions you can rely upon.

Licensed Real Estate Agent

The employees of OutFactors are managed by a State of Texas licensed real estate agent, and as such, we adhere to the highest ethical standards. We are not seeking to be your agent and are strictly acting as a direct buyer.

BBB Accredited

We are an accredited member of the BBB with policies and procedures to ensure that you, the customer, are always dealt with fairly, honestly, and with the utmost respect.

Standard Contracts

We only use standard state-approved contracts that are fair to all parties and written in plain language. The same forms that are used by licensed real estate agents.

No Surprises

At closing, you are paid the amount agreed upon in the contract, with no surprises. There is never a last-minute gotcha fee or frivolous price renegotiation. We honor our agreements.

Our programs are customized to quickly solve your real estate problems, and we are super easy to talk to.  Let us take on the problem, and you will quickly get the cash you deserve.


What do you have to lose but your stress and worries?

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