How To Safely Show Your Home to Dallas Home Buyers During the COVID-19 Pandemic
June 24, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

How To Safely Show Your Home to Dallas Home Buyers During the COVID-19 Pandemic

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How To Safely Show Your Home to Dallas Home Buyers


How To Safely Show Your Home to Dallas Home Buyers During the COVID-19 PandemicMany states are still seeing increased rates of virus transmission, making it dangerous to welcome Dallas home buyers into your home as you once might have done. However, that doesn’t mean you need to put the selling process on hold. With a careful approach, you can keep all parties safe. To assist you in this endeavor, we’ve curated this list of seven ways to prevent the spread of the coronavirus while showing your home.

Limit Showings to Less Than 10 People

Large gatherings increase the risk of infection, and many states have placed restrictions on how many people can gather at a single location. This makes the traditional open house no longer doable. However, you can show your home to smaller groups by keeping the showing to less than ten people, including yourself and your real estate agent. This can limit the risk of mass transmission.

Schedule In-Person Showings With Serious Buyers Only

Before the pandemic, it may have been beneficial to welcome all interested parties. However, with the risk of infection so great, it’s better to limit your contact to as few people as possible. Instead of taking all comers, look for buyers who are pre-approved for mortgages — this not only indicates their seriousness but also expedites the closing process.

Set Clear Guidelines for Visitors

To ensure visitors follow safety guidelines, you must have them prominently displayed, preferably in multiple places:

  • In emails and other communications
  • On a sign in your yard
  • Printed and hung in your entryway or wherever you intend to greet guests

Realtors who help sellers get cash for houses Dallas also recommend providing a “quarantine kit” containing personal protective equipment if possible.


Face masks are vital to stopping the spread of the coronavirus, as they keep respiratory droplets from traveling and infecting others. While they’re more available than at the beginning of the pandemic, effective masks can still be difficult to get in some parts of the country. If you’re able, have disposable masks on hand to distribute to guests at the door.

If it’s not feasible to provide masks, require visitors to bring their own. Many people are making masks out of bandanas and other common items, so this should be fairly easy for interested buyers.


Having visitors remove their shoes isn’t just good for limiting infection, but can also keep your floors clean. However, if you insist on potential buyers taking off their shoes, ensure that you either communicate this beforehand and ask them to wear socks or provide plastic disposable booties.

Social Distancing

When you started internet searching for ways to sell my house fast Dallas,” you may not have expected advice to include staying six feet apart. However, social distancing is integral to showing your home safely, as respiratory droplets can travel up to six feet via cough or sneeze. Even if all parties are wearing masks, you should still observe social distancing, as masks don’t catch 100% of droplets.

Sanitize Before and After

Sanitize Before and After

When you have an interested party coming over, sanitize your home, especially high-contact areas:

  • Doorknobs
  • Light switches
  • Faucet handles

Once the visit concludes, wipe down everything again. Make sure you’re using bleach solutions, household disinfectants that kill viruses, or 70% alcohol solutions.

Sell to an Investment Company

Many sellers are looking for individual home buyers, but it may behoove you to consider investment companies instead. When you sell to a company, you can significantly cut down on the number of people walking through your home. For example, at OutFactors, we buy houses Dallas with just one inspection to evaluate the property.

Do Virtual Showings When Possible

As many businesses and schools go online, so too have showings transitioned to the virtual space. In addition to limiting contact, this strategy can also relieve stress around scheduling. Of course, not every realtor has the resources to create virtual showings, so be sure to ask when you’re looking for an agent.

Create a Plan With Your Realtor

Speaking of real estate agents, you and your realtor must be on the same page as far as a safety plan goes. Make sure you lay out all your expectations for Dallas home buyers, so everyone knows how to proceed.

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