How to Spot Cash Home Buyer Scams
December 4, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

How to Spot Cash Home Buyer Scams

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How to Identify Cash Home Buyer Scams


You want to sell your home quickly and decide the best way is to sell to a home cash buyer who will pay cash for homes and can close in 10 days. Now all you need to do is find a legitimate home cash buyer and avoid the home buyer scams – but how do spot home buyer scams?

Many home cash buyers are legitimate investors that will pay cash for homes and close quickly. 

Buying homes for cash is a legitimate business that helps sellers by providing a means to sell a home fast, easy, and for a fair price. Most home cash buyers do not care what condition the home is in and will not require the seller to make repairs or upgrades. You can truly sell home as-is for cash.

Unfortunately, there are a few shady and dishonest people that run home cash buyer scams that make the industry look bad.

This article will provide you with the information needed to spot the potential home cash buyer scams and identify the legitimate home cash buyer that will buy the home for cash and close quickly. 

When you want to sell your home to a legitimate DFW home cash buyer, you should begin by doing an online search. A Google search will provide you with the names and website links to legitimate Dallas Fort Worth area home cash buyers, like A legitimate sell home fast cash buyer will have an extensive website that explains their programs, customer testimonials, and will provide a lot of information to help a seller.

BBB accreditationWhat information should you look for to determine if they are legitimate home cash buyers?

  • Is it operated by a person with a Texas real estate license? Is the license in good standing?
  • How long has the home cash buyer been in business?
  • Does the company have BBB accreditation with an A+ rating?
  • What purchase contract forms do they use? Are these standard state-approved contract forms?
  • Is a Texas licensed title company doing the closing?
  • Do they offer many different programs and willing to customize terms to meet your needs?
  • Does the seller decide to choose the closing date?
  • How much deposit is being paid at contract signing? Is it at least 1% of the sales price?
  • Do they offer a program that will allow you to pick your move-out date?

Most importantly, are they a local company that is willing to answer all your questions and put everything in writing?

A legitimate cash for home buyer will have all of the above!

With a reputable home cash buyer company, like OutFactors, you will get a fair cash for house offer, close quickly using standard, easy-to-understand contract documents under terms that meet your needs. OutFactors has been in business for 20+ years and is among the most respected cash for house buying companies in the Dallas Fort Worth area. When you request a cash for house offer from OutFactors, there is absolutely no obligation or cost. Don’t forget to ask about our Sell and Stay Program, which is designed to allow you to remain living in the home until you are ready to move.

What are the signs of a home buyer scam?

Although there are numerous types of home buying scams, most of them have things in common that make them easy to spot. Here are some of the tactics used by scam home cash buyers.

  • They do not use a state-licensed title company to do the closing. Instead, they suggest a “kitchen table closing” where they control everything. Closings should always be conducted by a licensed professional.
  • They pressure you to sign a contract that you have not had a chance to read. A reputable cash for house buyer will make sure you read and understand everything.
  • For the sake of convenience and speed, they request you to sign a paper with blanks or a signature page with nothing attached. Legitimate companies like OutFactors will never request you to sign incomplete or blank forms.
  • The contract forms they use are not standard Texas promulgated forms used by every licensed real estate agent in the state.
  • The deposit paid upon contract signing is only a few hundred dollars.
  • Their website is very basic, and they have a limited online presence. What they do have is a bunch of small signs posted on street corners that say “Cash for House” or “We Buy Houses for Cash!”
  • They do not immediately provide you with an original signed contract but promise to get you a copy sometime later. This will allow them to alter the contract before providing you with your copy.
  • High-pressure sales tactics, pressuring you to make the decision today. OutFactors will never pressure a seller.

choose wiselyOne of the easiest ways to avoid scams is by asking each home cash buyer these questions.

  • Do you use state standard contract forms?
  • How much money do you put down as a deposit on the contract?
  • Who will conduct the closing and hold the earnest money deposit?
  • Are you a licensed real estate agent in good standing?
  • How do I know you will do what you say you will?

The people who are running a scam will not have good answers to these questions. Scammers are looking for a quick score and will avoid people who ask too many questions. So ask those questions!

Ensure a Fast and Hassle-Free Sale
Sell to a Legitimate Cash for House Buyer

Sellers are best served when they work with honest, ethical, and reputable local companies that buy houses, like OutFactors. Sell your home for a great cash price and close on the date you choose.  The friendly and easy-going people at OutFactors will answer all of your questions and put everything in writing using state approved contract forms.

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