Decatur, Texas

Decatur, Texas
June 19, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

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History of Decatur, Texas

A Historic Texas Town

Decatur is a city located 25 miles northwest of Dallas and 25 miles north-northwest of Fort Worth. The city is also the County Seat of Wise County, Texas following the 1856 Texas Legislature which directed that a county be located five miles from the center. The location and laying of the plans for the new County Seat were handed down by Absalom Bishop. He is popularly called the Father of Decatur because he opted to copy the layout of McKinney to make Decatur the County Seat of Wise County, Texas.

The history of Decatur dates back to 1856 when Wise County was established, and Taylorsville was originally used as the name for the County Seat in honor of Gen. Zachary Taylor. There was some tension over the naming, especially because of the disapproval of the name by Absalom Bishop because of what he considered the Whig party affiliation of Gen. Zachary Taylor. After some back and forth, the County Seat was in 1858, renamed to Decatur, in honor of Stephen Decatur, a naval hero.

Absalom Bishop was a member of the Texas Legislature at the time, and he was among the first settlers in the town of Decatur. A greater number of the early settlers came from the Upper South, while half of them came from the Deep Southside of the eastern states. Because the early settlers arrived during the Civil War, it was popular for those who sympathized with the Unionist side to migrate with them to Decatur.

At the end of the Civil War in the late 1860s, a dozen hotels and businesses were established in the area. In 1882, the first railway was built in the town by the Fort Worth and Denver Railway. This led to the addition of the town to the Butterfield Overland Mail route.

The major developments in the town started with the establishment of a post office in 1857, the opening of the first school in the same year, and the erection of many courthouses in the early years of the 1860s. The first two-year institution of higher education called Decatur Baptist College (now called Dallas Baptist University) was established in 1898. The establishment of the college was closely followed by the moving of the institution to Dallas, where there was enough space to accommodate more students and staff of the institution. The year 1896 signaled the completion of the Wise County Courthouse that was designed by James Riely Gordon. Three more county houses were also erected in the previous years – 1858, 1861, and 1883.

The population of Decatur was tied to Fort Worth because the more the population of the former grew, that of the latter also followed suit. The population tripled from 579 in 1880 to 1,746 in 1890. Over 3.200 residents lived in the town in 1928. The figure has since gone up from 1,562 in 1904 to over 6,000 in 2010. Although the town is considered to have a low population, it makes up for that via the economical capabilities and political advantages.

Decatur also has many landmarks and attractions, including Decatur Post Office Mural, Wise County Courthouse, The Texas Tourist Camp & Petrified Wood Gas Station, and Wise County Jail – the historic Old Stone Prison.

Today, the town of Decatur is a small but growing community with a total land area of 8.78 square miles and a population of about 7,000.

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