Richland Hills, Texas

Richland Hills, Texas
June 19, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

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How the Buy Homes for Cash in Richland Hills Process Works

If you’re looking to sell your home in Richland Hills, TX, OutFactors is here to help you. You can have cash for your home in your hands tomorrow if you sell it to us today. Here’s how the buy homes for cash process works:

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  6. We’ll inspect the property and answer any lingering questions you might have.
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That’s it! We are quick home buyers that make the process easy and as straightforward as possible. You are under no obligation to sell to us if you don’t agree to the terms of the contract. Once there’s a signed contract, we don’t waste time and will usually get you closed in 10 days or less!

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History of Richland Hills, Texas

A Thriving Suburban Community

Richland Hills is a suburb of Fort Worth, Texas that is encompassed by the State Highways 121, 377, and Interstate 820 in Northeast Tarrant County. Being located near multiple major roadways provides the residents of Richland Hills excellent access to downtown Fort Worth, the Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, and the central business district of Dallas 30 miles to the east.

In the mid-1800s, the area in and around what is now Richland Hills was promoted to settlers with a promise of free land. Peters Colony, who was originally from Kentucky, was contracted by the Republic of Texas to survey 16,400 square miles of North Texas land and promote the area to potential settlers who upon settling in the area would be given 640 acres of land. From 1841 to 1848, he recruited hundreds of families to settle in North Texas, these settlers became known as the Peters Colonists.

Over the next 90 years, the area remained sparsely populated and the land was primarily used for farming and raising livestock. That started to change in the 1940s and the arrival of World War II. During the war, Fort Worth became a major industrial production hub producing material and equipment for the war effort. This growth and influx of workers spilled over into the surrounding area and the Richland Hills community entered a period of rapid growth.

The rapid growth ushered in the need to formally create a city, so in September 1950, the City of Richland Hills was officially incorporated. There are no accurate population estimates during that time, but by 1960, the population exceeded 7,800 residents. Over the next 10 years, the city continued to grow and was home to 10 manufacturing plants that produced a variety of items. In 1970, the population of Richland Hills peaked at about 9,000 residents.

With the period of rapid growth and change completed, over the next 15 years, Richland Hills stabilized with a population of about 8,000 residents. To better manage the affairs of the city, in 1986, Richland Hills established a Council with Manager form of government. The Mayor and five council members establish the goals and objectives, and a professional city manager executes the plan and manages the daily operation of the city.

Between 1990 and 2010, the city matured and prospered with approximately forty production facilities that produced tools, flour, and products made from wood and rubber. During this time, the population fluctuated slightly between 7,800 and 8,000 residents.

Today, Richland Hills is a thriving mature suburb of Fort Worth with excellent highway access that covers 3.9 square miles of land and a population of approximately 8,000 people.

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