Electra, Texas

Electra, Texas
May 11, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

Sell My House Fast for Cash in Electra, Texas

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Sell Your Home for Cash in 2 Minutes or Less!

Do you have a home that is sitting on the market? If so, you probably already know how frustrating it can be to wait for the right buyer to come. 

If you are looking to sell your home quickly without having to deal with an agent or have all of the hassles of trying to get it sold on your own, then we can help. At OutFactors, we buy houses in almost any condition. To avoid the hassle of selling your home the traditional way, you can sell it yourself by simply completing our simple online questionnaire. Once we receive your information, we’ll give you a cash offer for your house in 2 minutes or less!

If you get started now, 10 days later, you can be sitting at a table signing the closing documents and collecting the cash for your house.

To get a great cash offer on your home, just enter your address and answer a few simple questions about your house. The entire process only takes about 2 minutes, and personal information is NOT required. Yes, that is correct! No registration, no telephone number, no email address – not even your name. So get your cash offer now!

Sell Without a Single Showing

Showing is typically part of selling a house as buyers want to see the home in person before making an offer. However, this creates a lot of stress for sellers, who have to interrupt their daily lives to clean up and accommodate viewers’ schedules. You can sell your house fast without showings! OutFactors will give you a cash offer without a showing, thus eliminating the hassle and reducing the sale timeline.

Pick Your Closing Date

When we pay cash for houses in the Dallas Fort Worth area, we let you choose the closing date. Since it’s on your timetable, you don’t have to worry about moving in a hurry. You can take as much time as you need to get everything in order. Alternatively, we can process the deal as quickly as you like to ensure you get your cash on time. When you sell your house fast to OutFactors, you are in control.


Lease Until Move Out

We make it easy for you to sell your house fast! If you want to sell your house fast but don’t have a new place yet, we offer the option to lease your home back. That way, you have ample cash for a down payment on a new home, time to find a house you love, and a comfortable place to stay in the meantime. Need an extra 5 days or 5 months? No problem. Avoid the stress by moving out on your schedule.

Interior no repair design

Sell House As-Is

Often, Dallas Fort Worth home buyers expect a house to be move-in ready and don’t want to deal with renovations or repairs. That means that if your home needs a little work, you either have to invest in a property you’re no longer going to be living in or wait for someone willing to put in the money, time and effort themselves. At OutFactors, we’re happy to pay cash for houses as-is.

Outfactors Real Estate

Avoid Paying Commissions

Trying to sell your house through a realtor can be stressful and frustrating. It can take months to sell with endless showings and open houses. You’ll also have to pay a 6% commission on the sale of the property, which could cost you tens of thousands of dollars in lost profit. Since OutFactors pays cash for houses and buys directly, you don’t have to worry about missing out on the money you’re due.

Compare Our Offer

Cash for Houses

Here at OutFactors, we pay cash for the houses we buy. If you sell your Dallas Fort Worth area house to OutFactors, you can get the funds you need in as little as 24 hours. The quick access to cash means no worrying about juggling two mortgages and straining your finances. When you sell my house fast for cash to OutFactors, you can be confident that you will have the cash you need when you need it.

We Will Pay Cash for Houses in Electra

We Want to Buy Your House for Cash

We pay cash for houses in Electra, and when you’re ready to sell your home for cash, we’re prepared to buy it! You can get a cash offer on your house in about 2 minutes, and in 10 days or less, you could close on your home and receive cold, hard cash for it. We also offer a leaseback option, so if it takes you longer than expected to find a new home, you can lease your current residence back from us for the short or long term.

Just enter your address to find out just how easy selling your home can be.



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History of Electra, Texas

Oil Boom to Rural Suburb

The city of Electra is in northwestern Wichita County, Texas, and is located fifteen miles northwest of Wichita Falls on US Highway 287 and State Highway 477.

The community got its start in 1852 when Daniel Waggoner founded a farm in the area. He was later joined by family members and other farmers. Over the next 30 years, farming and ranching remained the dominant economic activity and the Waggoner Farm continued to expand. At that time, the farming community was known as Waggoner.

In mid-1850, the Fort Worth and Denver Railway was building a rail line that passed through the community. Seeing the economic advantage of having a railroad station in the community, William Thomas Waggoner, Waggoner’s uncle, lobbied hard for the railroad to construct a switch station in their community. This would serve as the shipping point for their farm that had grown to over a half-million acres by this time. By 1889, the railroad switch station and a post office had been established and the town was renamed Beaver Switch after the nearby Beaver Creek. About 20 years later, the community was renamed Electra Waggoner in honor of Waggoner’s daughter.

In the early 1900s, Waggoner sold a portion of his vast farm to Solomon Williams, a Fort Worth developer. Williams and his partners founded the Electra Land and Colonization Company, which expanded the city limits, platted town lots, and promoted the community in national publications to draw residents and investors. The business was a success, and the town was officially incorporated in 1907 with a council form of government and was home to about 500 residents. By 1910, Electra had a newspaper, a bank, and several churches, and a population of about 1,000 people.

During the same time period, Waggoner had drilled several test wells on his farm looking for water but was frustrated when he only found oil. In 1911, Waggoner leased a portion of his land to the Clayco Oil & Pipeline Company, and on April 1, 1911, the Clayco No. 1 oil well was successful with a gusher blowing oil one hundred feet into the air. The news of the gusher spread fast and within a few months, the small town of Electra was overrun with over 5,000 people seeking oil riches. Between 1911 and the mid-1920s, the Electra oilfield produced nearly ten million barrels of oil.

By 1926, Electra was home to about 4,700 people and had a high school, several churches, two newspapers, two banks, and more than 100 businesses. Over the next 10 years, the city expanded, and by 1936, Electra had a population of over 6,700 with over 170 businesses.

Over time, drilling operations decreased and residents were drawn to the economic opportunity and jobs in Dallas and Fort Worth. By 1960, Electra’s population had dropped to just over 5,000 people. To overcome the loss of people and businesses, the city invested in the creation of a 100-acre business park with the hope of attracting new businesses and industries. Unfortunately, the 1970s oil crisis and the economic downturn caused the project to fail.

Over the next 20 years, the city continued to struggle, and by 1988, the population had decreased to below 3,600 residents and 77 businesses. The city continued to experience a period of economic loss and slow decline, and by 1990, the number of businesses dropped to 48 and the population fell below 3,200 residents.

For a short time, Electra entered a period of stability, and by early 2000, the population stabilized around 3,100 people. Although Electra was named the Pump Jack Capital of Texas in 2001, it did not stop the city from entering another period of slow and steady decline, and by the year 2010, the population had dropped below 2,800 residents.

Today, Electra is a rural suburb that remains the Pump Jack Capital of Texas with a proud heritage that is home to about 2,800 people and covers 3.08 square miles.

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