Forney, Texas

Forney, Texas
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    History of Forney, Texas

    Prairie Lands to Growing Suburb

    Forney is a suburb of Dallas, Texas that is bisected by U.S. Highway 80 and is located in the northwestern portion of Kaufman County about 21 miles east of downtown Dallas.

    When the first settlers arrived in the area in the late 1840s, they discovered a vast expanse of fertile land covered in prairie grass that became known as the Blackland Prairie region. The area that is now Forney was originally named Brooklyn because several of the small springs came together to brook. One of the early settlers was John C. McKellar who opened Brooklyn’s first general store in 1870 which a short time later was followed by a saloon and a blacksmith shop. The growth continued with the arrival of the Texas and Pacific rail line in the early 1870s.

    As the community grew so did the need for a post office, so in 1873, the growing community applied for a post office. The request was approved, but the name was not accepted because there was already another Texas post office named Brooklyn. The area leaders came together and decided to rename their community Forney, in honor of John Wien Forney who was on the board of directors for the Texas and Pacific railroad and a civil engineer in charge of establishing rail lines through the North Texas region.

    The small town continued to grow with the railroad and fertile soil attracting new settlers and businesses. During that time, the number one crop was the native grass that grew so abundantly, which when harvested and baled created nutritious hay that was desired by livestock. This prairie grass quickly became one of the area farmer’s largest and most successful exports. To help serve and govern the growing population, the city was officially incorporated in 1884.

    During the late 1800s to the early 1900s, Forney was a railroad town that served as the business and trading center for area farmers and livestock ranchers. By 1910, the primary crop had changed from prairie grass to cotton, which became the new economic driver in the region. The white fluffy crop brought prosperity to many large landowners in the area, and Forney was home to eight cotton gins.

    The city continued to grow with electricity, water, and sewer lines being installed in the early 1910s. This was followed by the electric streetcar service provided by the Texas Interurban Railway that provided passenger and light freight service between Dallas, Forney, and Terrell, which began operating in 1923. Access to transportation was further improved in the late 1920s with the completion of US Highway 80 that ran through Forney.

    Unfortunately, the growth and prosperity came to a screeching halt with the arrival of the Great Depression and continued to wane during World War II. Between 1930 and 1960, Forney struggled and growth was slow. This started to change in the 1960s with the construction of the Forney Reservoir by damming the Trinity River’s East Fork, which was constructed to provide water to Dallas. The reservoir would later become known as Lake Ray Hubbard. By 1970, Forney was home to over 1,700 people and was just entering a period of steady and sustained growth.

    In the 1980s, Dallas entered a period of growth and prosperity and this rapid growth spilled into the suburbs, like Forney. The population of Forney in 1980 was approximately 2,400 people, and by 2000, the population was over 5,500. The growth accelerated over the next 10 years and by the year 2010, the city was home to more than 14,600 people.

    Today, Forney is a fast-growing suburb that covers 14.83 square miles and has over 27,200 people that call the city home.

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