Parker, Texas

Parker, Texas
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We Make it Easy To Sell Your House Fast in Parker, TX

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Benefits of Our Sell Your House Fast Programs

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No Commission

A real estate agent provides a beneficial service to homeowners when they want to sell their home using traditional methods, but those services come at a steep price. The typical agent charges a fee of 5% to 6% of the gross sales price, regardless of how long it takes to sell. While that might not sound like a lot, if you sell a home for $300,000, you will be losing $15,000-$18,000. Ouch! We pay cash for homes in the Dallas Fort Worth area. Sell your house fast in Parker to OutFactors and you will avoid paying thousands in commissions.

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No Showings

When you sell a home the traditional way, it requires an extensive investment of time and emotional resources. You need to be prepared for the parade of potential buyers coming through your house at all hours of the day and evening, for as long as it takes to finally sell. The process of showing the home can be exceptionally stressful and inconvenient. There is a better way. You can sell your house fast and stress-free by requesting a free, no-obligation cash for houses offer from OutFactors. Sell your house fast in Parker without the hassle of showings.

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Sell Home As-Is

To sell your home fast using the traditional method, you will have to devote time and money to get it in show condition. Even after it is sold, almost every home has something that will fail inspection. A traditional buyer will request that you pay to repair those items. If your goal is to “sell my house fast in Parker,” then avoid time and expense to prep your home and request cash for houses offer from OutFactors, the Parker home cash buyer. We make it easy to “Sell Home As-Is,” saving you time and money.

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Cash for House

The traditional sales process is filled with uncertainty. You have no way of knowing when you can expect to get paid cash for your house. Even if you are fortunate enough to quickly find a buyer, it typically takes weeks for the sale to be completed and you get the cash for your house. Selling a house the traditional method takes faith and patience. For many Dallas Fort Worth Texas home sellers, hoping and waiting for a sale to happen makes no sense when you can sell your home fast to OutFactors, your Parker home cash buyer. We pay cash for houses!

Sell Your Home for Cash in 2 Minutes or Less

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No Loan Approval

When a typical purchaser wants to buy your house, they need to go through the bank loan approval process, and many times, it doesn’t turn out the way you, or they, hope. When you sell your home fast to OutFactors, there are no bank loan applications or approvals required. As a Parker home cash buyer, OutFactors will have signed the contract, closed it, and paid you cash for your home weeks before the typical buyer can find out if their loan is approved. We make selling your home fast and easy.

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Hassle-Free Process

At OutFactors, our cash for houses programs are designed to make the selling process quick and hassle-free. Our hassle-free process starts with how easy we make it for you to get a free, no-obligation cash offer on house. You just need to answer 4 simple questions and in a matter of minutes, you will receive a great cash offer on your house. A problem property is no hassle for us. We make it quick and easy to sell your home as-is.

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You’re in Control

Wouldn’t it be great if the sale and closing of your home were based entirely on your needs, rather than the demands of the bank and what the buyers want? That’s exactly what you get when you sell your house fast to OutFactors. You decide the date you want to close and get paid on your schedule. With our Sell and Stay Program, you move out when you are ready. OutFactors pays cash for houses and structures the sale based upon what is good for the seller.

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Move When You Are Ready

OutFactors does not make anyone move out before they are ready. We will buy your home immediately so you have the cash you need to put towards a new home, and with our Sell and Stay Program, you can continue living in the home for as long as necessary. Do you want to stop the foreclosure but stay living in the home you love? OutFactors will buy the home to prevent foreclosure and lease it back to you using our Sell and Stay Program. Whatever your situation is, OutFactors is the home cash buyer that has a program that can help you!

We Will Pay Cash for Your House in Parker, TX

We Can Help!

If you are facing any of the following circumstances, OutFactors has the experience and cash for houses programs that can help you!

  • Vacant Home
  • Stop Foreclosure
  • Settle Divorce
  • Bad Tenants
  • Need to Relocate
  • Bankruptcy
  • Health Issues
  • Can No Longer Afford
  • Family Matters
  • Inherited Home
  • Unwanted House

Whatever challenges you are struggling with, the people at OutFactors are super easy to talk to and want to help. We offer friendly advice and offer an array of practical solutions that can help you overcome your challenges. We are here to help!

Cash Offer in 2 Minutes!

History of Parker, Texas

Farming Town to Rural Suburb

Parker is a suburb of Dallas, Texas in Collin County on Farm to Market Road 2514 near Maxwell Creek and two miles from its much larger neighbor, Plano. When the first settlers arrived in the 1840s, the land was covered with so much prairie grass. The settlers had to burn their fields two years straight before they could begin to prepare the land for farming. A few of the first families to settle in the area were the Parkers, Dillehays, Halls, Gregorys, Stinsons, and McCrearys. In 1846, the Corinth Presbyterian Church was established and the first school in the Community was operated out of the home of Comfort McMillen, who was the founder of the church. One of the original settlers, John C. Parker,  had a son named William C. Parker who was residing in Tennessee. In 1855, William followed the family to Texas and established a gristmill and a cotton gin. William was a popular figure that was fondly known as “Uncle Bill,” and the Parker community was named in his honor. Although the community was named Parker, in the 1880s, the community center was around the gristmill and general store built by T. L. Johnson. During this time, the St. Louis and Southwestern Railroads were planning to run a rail line through the area. The railroad’s original plan was to have the rail line run through Parker. Ultimately, the railroad decided to have the rail line run through Wylie, thus ending Parker’s potential business boom. In 1910, Parker had one general store and a population of about 50 people. Over the next 30 years, Parker continued its slow growth and by 1940, had just over 80 residents. During this time, the local school was shuttered and the children in Parker started attending school in nearby Plano and Wylie. Parker was officially incorporated as a city in 1969 but was still a small community of about 360 residents. In 1978, Parker became part of TV history through the incredibly popular TV series named “Dallas” that centered around the antics of the Ewing family and what happened on their “Southfork” ranch. The Southfork ranch filmed in the TV series is a house in Parker built in 1970 on the 200-acre ranch owned by Joe Duncan. The popularity of the TV show was so great that the home was converted into a conference center and museum that offers daily tours of the “Ewing Mansion” and the “Southfork Ranch.” Like most Dallas suburbs, growth accelerated in the 1980s, and Parker’s population increased to over 1,000. Not wanting the urbanization of nearby Plano, at the urging of the residents, the city adopted a zoning plan that would preserve the rural feel of the community. To a great extent, the plans have prevented the massive growth and urbanization of Parker but the city continues to grow, and by 2010, there were over 3,800 residents. Today, Parker covers 8 square miles and has approximately 5,000 residents. The city is proud to offer a rural suburban atmosphere that provides easy access to city conveniences in nearby Plano, Allen, and Dallas.

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