Retiring Soon? Here are the 10 Best Places to Retire
December 2, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

Retiring Soon? Here are the 10 Best Places to Retire

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Retiring Soon? Here are the 10 Best Places to Retire

Where to Retire

You’ve finally hit retirement age and can stop worrying about waking up early to get to work and that mortgage is finally paid off... Instead, you have to think about where you want to retire and how you’ll spend your time. Here are the best places to retire.

Best Places to Retire Outside of the U.S.

If you want to stretch all of your retirement savings, you can move abroad and have an adventure in a place you’ve never been before. You can also make your kids sell your old home for you as it’s never  been easier. Here are the best places to retire.

1. Costa Rica

You can find cheap houses just about anywhere, but there’s no more beautiful place than Costa Rica. If you want to be active while you’re in retirement, you can live in a place with affordable healthcare and beautiful scenery. It also has an affordable cost of living, but you might have to fix up your new home just like you would anywhere else. Not only that, but property tax rates in Costa Rica are much lower than in the United States.

2. Panama

Panama is another beautiful place to live with both mountains and beaches. Residents of Panama are friendly, and there’s a low cost of living. Everything in Panama is less expensive than in the United States, including rent and groceries.

3. Mexico

Many people from the United States retire in Mexico because it’s cheap and has beautiful weather. You’ll never need a fireplace because the weather is always warm. Mexico is also close to the US, allowing you to visit family or have family visit you for the holidays. As a retiree, you can get a temporary visa that allows you to stay in Mexico for four years as long as you meet the minimum monthly income requirements or own property there.

If you want to stay in Mexico for your entire retirement, you may be able to get a permanent resident visa, but it has higher income requirements.

Best Places to Retire in the US

Moving to a new country can be difficult. Not many moving companies will be able to help you move your stuff into a new home. If you don’t want to venture too far away from family and friends during retirement, there are still tons of great places to retire in the US.

Sarasota, Florida

Florida is one of the top states for retirees because of the warm weather and beautiful beaches. Sarasota has a walkable downtown full of museums and art galleries. Florida is a major hot spot for tourism with many luxury hotels, restaurants, and shops, so you’ll never get bored. Not to mention, because so many people go to Florida to retire, you’ll have your choice of plenty of retirement communities to settle down in.

4. Naples, Florida

We warned you; Florida is one of the best places to retire, so we’ve put another beautiful coastal city on our list. Naples is a Gulf of Mexico city with beautiful beaches and upscale shopping. If you love nature, then you can check out the Everglades National part with thousands of acres of wilderness. When you’re not out walking around town, you can enjoy a happy life in your own home or a retirement community complete with beautiful condos.

5. Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville is known for its entertainment scene, so if you’re a retiree who loves to have one, this is the place for you. Music is at the heart of Nashville, so you’ll have many opportunities to see musicians play live. This beautiful city also offers moderate weather and many outdoor activities for adventurers, including parks. It also has affordable housing and zero state income tax.

6. Asheville, North Carolina

North Carolina is known for the Blue Ridge Mountains, which attracts many retirees looking for beautiful scenery. However, it also has a lively cultural scene with many galleries, museums, and studios. If you enjoy spending time outdoors, you can go hiking, biking, and fishing while enjoying the mountains. North Carolina doesn’t tax social security income, so you can take your buck a bit further here.

7. Ann Arbor, Michigan

If you want to experience all four seasons (sometimes all at the same time), then you’ll love Ann Arbor, Michigan. Located in the Midwest, Ann Arbor is home to the University of Michigan, with tons of college town perks, so you’ll always feel young. It’s also a popular city for families and a vibrant place to live if you enjoy small city life. Michigan’s weather offers tons of outdoor activities, from ice skating in the winter to apple picking in the fall, so there’s something new to do every few months.

8. Manchester, New Hampshire

Manchester is another great place for retirees who love to experience all of the seasons. Manchester is surrounded by beautiful views, including mountains and forests. This is not a place for you if you don’t like snow, as this area can get more than five feet of snowfall each year. However, if you love winter sports, then you’ll have something to enjoy; just make sure to bring a scarf everywhere you go.

9. Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

Myrtle Beach is a popular vacation destination, but it’s also a great place to call home. It has thousands of permanent residents who enjoy living in a resort area with activities and attractions for those retiring soon such as golf courses, restaurants, hotels, and entertainment. South Carolina is a tax-friendly state with social security benefits being exempt. Also, taxpayers 65 years or older can exclude part of their retirement income from taxes while receiving other benefits. Residents of retirement age are also exempt from property taxes.

10. Dallas, Texas

Dallas, Texas, has a suburban and city lifestyle available for retirees who enjoy both. There are many conveniences, such as restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Dallas is home to many professional sports teams, so you can enjoy football, basketball, and more. There’s also a variety of housing options available. However, property taxes in this state are considered high even though there are exemptions for retirees. The good news is that Texas doesn’t have a state income tax. Even electricity rates can be high in Texas, but luckily if you do your research you can avoid these high rates.

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