Sell a Hoarder’s House Quickly and Easily

Sell a Hoarder’s House Quickly and Easily
July 8, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

Learn How to Easily Sell a Hoarder’s House

Sell the House on the Open Market

Trying to sell a house on the open market can be a time-consuming and difficult task; trying to sell a hoarder’s house can be nearly impossible. In today’s world, most buyers begin their search by looking at interior and exterior pictures of the home online, and it will most likely be impossible for you to take good pictures when the house is crammed full of stuff. You must overcome the busy lifestyle of the average buyer who is looking for homes that are in tip-top shape, as they do not have the time or interest in buying a major repair project.

Another thing to keep in mind is that FHA, VA, and most traditional lenders cannot loan on a property that fails an inspection. Realistically, if you want to sell the home the traditional method, you will need to clean, repair, and upgrade the home.

So what is involved with preparing to sell a house that was occupied by a hoarder?

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First Task

Remove All of the Items:

You need to remove all of the items that have been hoarded over the years, but be cautious as a house that is full of personal items can have numerous hidden risks you need to watch out for. Most homes occupied by hoarders have rat, mouse, flea, and roach infestations. The feces, urine, and dead animals from these infestations become a biohazard that requires extra care and expertise to clean out. The risk of contracting a disease or illness means this is definitely not a DIY project, but you still need to supervise the removal of the items since not everything buried in the house will be trash. There could be keepsakes, pictures, and heirlooms that you or the family would like to keep.

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Second Task

Clean and Exterminate:

Now that the home is empty, you will need to bring in a cleaning crew to professionally clean and disinfect the home to ensure any remaining potential biohazards have been removed. This is crucial for the protection of the workers who will be performing the repairs or upgrades to the home. You will also need to have the home treated for any insect and rodent infestation. This usually requires an initial treatment and then several follow-up treatments to permanently eradicate the infestation.


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Third Task

Repair Damage and Upgrade:

Cleaning up is a major part of prepping the house for sale, but it’s also just the beginning. A person with hoarding disorder will typically not perform general upkeep, and you will most likely be dealing with a house that has been neglected for many years. A hoarder’s home can also suffer from an array of damages from leftover food, mold, and many times, pet damage. Walls, floors, and structural problems are common, and many times, the plumbing system is clogged or needs to be replaced altogether.

In addition to the damage, another problem is the vast clutter in the home that could prevent anyone from entering to conduct repairs or upgrades. Many of the systems, fixtures, finishes, and appliances may be outdated. The owner may not have painted the home in years. You will likely have to perform a significant number of upgrades to modernize the house and make it marketable. Many of these problems can be impossible to identify by doing a simple visual examination, so it is advisable to get a professional home inspection.

With the inspection in hand, you can then engage the professionals needed to repair and upgrade the home but be aware that this will most likely be a very costly and time-consuming endeavor that is not for the faint of heart. Our best advice, take a step back and consider the risks and benefits before you jump in.

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There is a better and faster way!

An alternative that not only eliminates all of the risk and problems is to sell home as-is to a home cash buyer, like OutFactors. We will assume all of the risks of cleaning out the house and restoring the home.

Whether you have let your collection of personal items get out of hand or are helping a family member in this situation, you can be assured that the professional home cash buyers at OutFactors will treat you with respect, understanding, and compassion.

Here are the advantages of the “Sell Home As-Is” program offered by OutFactors:

  • Get immediate cash for house. Close in 10 days or less.
  • You get a fresh start without adding stress to your already busy life.
  • You avoid the financial and physical risks. If there are cost overruns or problems, they are not your problem.

We Buy the Home,

You Keep Your Memories.

When you sell to a home cash buyer like OutFactors, you do not lose your family keepsakes, photos, or heirlooms. We work very closely with the family during the removal process to carefully separate the items into three categories – items to discard, items to donate, and items that the family will keep.

Getting an offer from OutFactors only takes about 2 minutes, is absolutely free, and personal information is NOT required. Yes, that is correct. No email address, no telephone number – not even your name. So get a great cash offer in 2 minutes by clicking here!

You have nothing to lose so let’s get started now…

Please visit for additional information, or if you prefer call us at 800-420-7030. We hope this information helps you decide what is best for your family.

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