Things to Repair Before Selling A House?
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Things to Repair Before Selling A House?

Preparing to Sell a Home

When selling a home, it’s often tricky to know what to fix or modify for the property to sell fast or fetch more money-and which would be a waste of your limited resources and valuable time. You don’t want to reduce your potential profits by wasting your money on unnecessary renovations.

Debating whether to “sell home as-is” or fix? Here are essential points to help you make an informed decision.

Essential Things to Repair Before Selling a House?

Remember that not all fixes have the same impact on the value of your property. However, here are the essential updates and repairs that you should consider before selling your home.

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1. Mechanical and Structural Systems

While it might not apply to everyone, most home buyers are concerned about the major house components that are expensive to replace, including:

• Foundation and structural components
• Roof and gutters
• Heating and air conditioning systems
• Electrical system
• Plumbing system and fixtures
• Solar panels

While you do not need to replace home systems that are still functioning as intended, you must do something if any of them is on its last leg. Such items are important considerations for the home’s insurability, and factor in the type of mortgage one can get. A structure like a roof is often a good consideration for renovation if it is in a sorry state. According to NAR, you can recover 107 percent of the cost of replacing the roof at resale.

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2. Doors and Windows

If you think it’s easy to sell the house the traditional way, complete with outdated doors and creaking windows that don’t close or open with ease, think again.

Don’t list your home thinking that the buyer won’t notice the malfunctioning doors and windows just because your property looks pretty in photos. Most buyers will have the house professionally inspected to confirm everything is properly functioning and in good repair. Buyers do not expect perfection, but most will require that they be in good working condition.

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3. Flooring

Be it cracked tiles, scratched wood floors, or stained carpets, a damaged floor is a huge eyesore and can give the impression that your entire home is worn out. Even inexperienced buyers would know that replacing the floor can be expensive and a significant hassle.

Depending on the current condition and type of existing flooring, you might need to replace the flooring. Several cheap but eye-catching options exist, including laminate and vinyl. If you have worn-out hardwood floors, you can expect to spend around $3,000 to replace them, but you can expect to recover 100% of the cost. If you are handy or can get some help from someone who is, you can do it yourself and save some dollars.

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4. Bathroom

A clean and perfectly working bathroom is a necessity. If a faucet leaks and the toilet is not functioning correctly, make the necessary fixes. You can also make that old toilet look much better by doing something as simple as replacing the seat.

Don’t overlook the need to replace the grout if it’s worn out or too dirty to clean. Missing or outdated tiles may also need to be replaced.

If your goal is to sell a house quickly, you will need to focus on the bathrooms. In fact, for every minor cosmetic change you make on the bathroom, you can see a $1.71 rise in the property value for each dollar you spend. It includes things like upgrading hardware, refinishing cabinets, painting, and changing the mirror.

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5. Lighting

Even if your home is small, lighting can make it seem open and inviting. Take advantage of the new lighting options on the market; you want to take advantage of the latest energy efficiency features and lighting styles. Do your homework (including online) about suitable alternatives for lighting different areas and choose an affordable lighting option that will upgrade the appearance of your home at a minimal cost.

Don’t forget home buyers’ desire for natural lighting; use light-colored curtains and ditch the heavy drapes or anything that does not let the sunshine through.

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6. Paint the walls

You might need to get in touch with a trained professional for color recommendations. The colors for painting the walls can be tricky to choose, depending on lighting and other home features. Generally, however, use neutral colors and make improvements that appeal to a broad audience. It is best to stay away from custom or odd colors.

Wall painting is the cheapest renovation with the highest return on investment. According to Forbes, about 5 in 10 house sellers choose to paint the interior walls before putting their homes up for sale.

Things you may not need to bother fixing  

Giving your home a facelift can help you justify your high asking price. However, some home improvement projects may not add value to the property. If you are strained financially, here are some items that shouldn’t necessarily be on your list of things to repair before selling a house:

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1. Minor Cosmetic Damage

While some defects may make your home look run-down, a keen buyer will typically overlook some minor cosmetic blemishes. Most home buyers know that cosmetic damage is easy and cheap to fix. Thus, you may not need to bother about minor wall damage and scuffed flooring, provided your home’s systems and structure are in good condition.

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2. Updating the Kitchen

While your kitchen may look outdated, you may end up spending a fortune on renovation only to fetch a low return on investment. Most home buyers nowadays choose to remodel their kitchens according to their (most likely) unique taste. You should avoid trying to second-guess what a potential buyer might want. While you may favor a modern sleek look, your buyer may prefer a more traditional style.

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3. Poor or Incomplete Repairs

If you think your bathroom, floors, or kitchen are in a sorry state, redo them, but not halfway. While the kitchen may need a facelift, a combination of brand-new marble countertops and old cabinets only ends up highlighting the old. Poor or incomplete work tends to make buyers concerned if the house has been properly maintained and if there are hidden defects.

Get Multiple Bids for Any Large Project

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Bidding a complex or a large home improvement project can feel overwhelming. There are many ways of executing a home improvement project, and different projects call for different skillsets and equipment. This can result in bids that are worlds apart in costs. Moreover, while two offers may appear close together in price, they may specify different quality materials for the same work.

However, when you get multiple bids, you have an opportunity to choose the contractor that best fits your needs in terms of cost, experience, material, specialty, and flexibility. Your goal should be to hire a highly qualified contractor who offers the lowest price and puts everything in writing.

The Bottomline

Most real estate professionals will advise their clients to fix any condition or defects that can significantly impact the intended function or livability of the home. But beyond the critical systems, the decision to repair additional items should be based upon financial resources, time, and market conditions.

In a seller’s market, if the home is priced right it will sell fairly quickly even if the home needs a fair amount of upgrades and repairs. You can usually sell the house as-is.

In a buyer’s market, to make a positive impression you will need need to fix virtually everything to find a buyer. If making the needed renovations is not possible due to time or financial considerations, you will need to reduce the price drastically to entice a buyer.

If you are not sure what you should do, we recommend you go look at homes in the area that are currently for sale and make note of how they compare with yours. How are they painted? Do they have new flooring and roof? If there is any single factor likely to prevent your property from selling, then you should strongly consider fixing it.

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