Virtual Showings: How Pictures and Videos Can Lie to Dallas Fort Worth Home Buyers
June 24, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

Virtual Showings: How Pictures and Videos Can Lie to Dallas Fort Worth Home Buyers

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How Pictures and Videos Can Lie

How Pictures and Videos Can Lie to Dallas Home BuyersAre you getting ready to sell your current home and buy your dream home? You’re about to embark on an exciting adventure that can end in bliss or disappointment. During the current pandemic, there is a growing trend for Dallas Fort Worth home buyers to shop for houses without actually stepping foot inside them. Instead, homeowners and realtors often offer virtual showings, which involve sending you photos and videos of every square inch of the house.

While this may seem like a great way to practice social distancing and minimize your chances of getting COVID-19, it may not reveal the full truth about the home you’re thinking of buying. Here are some of the ways pictures and videos can lie to you.


You’d hope no seller would be dishonest enough to Photoshop their pictures, but some are. If you see photos of a house that looks like it has incredible curb appeal, it may be highly edited to make it look more attractive. That’s why you should always be wary of virtual pictures. It’s harder to manipulate videos in the same manner, so they’re generally more trustworthy than still photographs.

If you’re looking for ways to “sell my house fast Dallas,” you may be tempted to buy a home that you’ve never seen in person. Just keep in mind that Photoshop can be used to make any home look better than it is.

Wide-Angle Trickery

Wide-Angle Trickery

One of the most common tricks used when trying to get cash for houses Dallas is taking photos with wide-angle lenses. These can make the room look much bigger than it is. This is because a wide-angle lens can capture a much larger field of vision than a regular lens. So, if you buy a house primarily because the kitchen looked enormous in online photographs, you may be disappointed to discover that the kitchen seems average in person.

Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to spot photos taken with a wide-angle lens. If the objects closest to the lens look unusually large and the objects in the background look abnormally distant and small, chances are you’re looking at the room from the perspective of a wide-angle lens.

It’s important to note that photographers can use this same trick with video cameras. However, it’s usually very easy to spot video that’s been taken with a wide-angle lens. Anytime you see this trick used in virtual showings, you can bet that the rooms you’re seeing look much smaller in real life.

Manipulated Perspective

Manipulated Perspective

We buy houses Dallas for a living, and we know how easily photos can be manipulated by simply changing the angle. Photographers are very talented at showing you what you want to see while omitting everything that may seem undesirable. For example, a scratch in the hardwood flooring can suddenly “disappear” if the photographer stands on the scratched part and takes a photo of the rest of the room. Or, a run-down trailer park located behind the room can be hidden from view if the photographer takes a picture from a very low angle looking out the window.

If you notice that the photographer seems to be using unusual angles to take pictures, or if you see that certain parts of the home are consistently excluded from photographs or video tours, you should be on alert. It would be wise to ask the homeowner for more detailed pictures of the areas you’re most concerned about.

Virtual Staging

It’s hard to believe anyone would try to sell a home using photographs and videos that are completely fabricated, but it happens. With modern-day technology, it’s possible to take an empty room and simulate what it would look like if it had furniture or if certain upgrades were made to it. That’s why you should be very wary about buying any home you haven’t seen in person.

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