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Why We Love Fixer Uppers
August 7, 2019 Mark MacFarlane

Why We Love Fixer Uppers

Posted in Cash Buyers (for Homes)

At OutFactors, we love buying a fixer-upper because it allows us to leverage our experience, knowledge, abilities and cash. We can create a true win-win that allows us to pay as much or more for that fixer upper than a traditional buyer.

How is that possible?

1. We have relationships with commercial closing agents that charge us wholesale rates. This puts more cash in the seller’s pocket at no cost to OutFactors.

2. At OutFactors, we pay cash. No appraisal fees, loan fees or other costs. Lower cost allows us to make higher offers.

3. Our cost to renovate that fixer upper is much less because we have business relationships with a host of contractors that charge us dealer pricing. For example; on a fixer upper that needs a new roof, OutFactors may pay $4,500 for the new roof while a traditional buyer will pay $8,000 or more for the same work.

Let our experience and relationships work to your advantage!

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