Altoga, Texas

Altoga, Texas
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History of Altoga, TX

The All Together Rural Community

Altoga is a small rural unincorporated community in the northeastern section of Collin County and a suburb of Dallas, Texas. The community of Altoga is ten miles northeast of McKinney on Farm Road 1827, Verona is three miles east, Chamblis is three miles north, and Climax is four miles southeast.

Like many small North Texas communities, Altoga started as a farming community that was settled in the late 1800s. One of the early settlers and community founders was Dock Owensby. He was a believer in people helping each other and working together and wanted the name of the community to promote togetherness. Owensby persuaded local residents that the community should be named Altoga which is derived from the slogan “all together”.

The small community grew and in May 1892, the Altoga Baptist Church was established with Rev. J. S. Cameron served as the church’s first pastor. For the first few years, the congregation met in homes and various other locations. To aid in the formation of the church, Isaac T. Moreland donated land for a permanent church to be built. The construction of the church was completed in 1895. As the congregation grew, so did the needs of the church, and in 1904, the church structure was expanded.

In 1889, the small but growing community was granted a post office. By 1910, Altoga was home to seven stores, a public school, two cotton gins, and a prominent brass band. During the early 1900s, the small farming community continued to grow with a reported population of 133 inhabitants in 1915. By 1929, the community was home to approximately 250 residents, and there were four operating businesses. The Great Depression took its toll and by 1937, the population dropped and the post office was officially closed.

By the early 1940s, Altoga had two general stores, a service station, a blacksmith shop, a tin shop, a barbershop, a bank, and a small school. By the mid-1940s, the population had fallen to about 150 people. With the construction of roads and the proliferation of automobiles, the small community of Altoga continued to struggle as many people preferred living and doing business in the cities. Over the next 30 years, the population of Altoga continued to decline and by 1970, an estimated 50 people were residing in Altoga. The rapid expansion of Dallas and neighboring McKinney in the mid-1970s spilled into Altoga and by the early 1980s, the population had risen to over 350 people. Between 1990 and 2010, the population stabilized at approximately 370 residents.

Today, Altoga is a small but stable community that is surrounded by cities that are undergoing accelerated growth and expansion. This accelerated growth will influence Altoga, driving development and change in the small community.

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