Moving Locally: Should You Hire a Moving Company?
June 22, 2021 Mark MacFarlane

Moving Locally: Should You Hire a Moving Company?

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Moving Locally: Should You Hire a Moving Company?

Things to Consider

When getting ready to move, there are a lot of things to consider. One of the most important factors for many people is distance. Moving across town can seem like a pretty straightforward task. Still, you should think about your circumstances when deciding whether to hire a professional moving company. There are a lot of reasons why it might not be such a bad idea. Here are a few factors that may influence your decision.

Your Hands Are Full

The work of sorting, packing, and loading up all your belongings is a full-time task. Parents and caregivers with children can find this to be an especially stressful time. A moving company can help you organize and carefully pack your household items up. Movers are adept at quickly getting all your things loaded up with little fuss. While you are taking care of little ones, movers can get your things to your new home.

If you have friends and helping hands, you could ask them to help care for small children or to help pack and move your things. It is wonderful to have help, but there is still a risk. A moving company has trained workers to lift and load awkward and heavy furniture and appliances. They may also have the equipment to help them perform the job with less risk of injury. Those are important things to consider when deciding to accept help from friends.

When You Have Physical Limitations

Sometimes, we need to relocate even when we are physically not up to it due to injury or a disability. A moving company can pack you up and move to your new home without the stress and worry of wondering how you’ll get it all done. Moving is physically strenuous. You might be able to move some of your things, but an entire household might be more than you can handle. And if you’re moving up or downstairs, the risk increases.

Weighing the Cost of a Moving Company

It’s understandable why the cost is a deciding factor for so many people. Professional moving companies can be expensive, and many have trouble justifying paying the high cost of a moving company when they’re not going that far. It may help to write down all the costs involved. These include the boxes, packing tape, materials for your breakable items, and moving insurance. Don’t forget to include the cost of taking time off work during the move and after if you need time to recover. You might also want to include the costs of coaxing friends and family into helping out.

Once you’ve added up all the potential costs of moving yourself, you can compare them to the costs of hiring a moving company. Not all of the costs are purchase-based. Once you think about missing time at work and the lost wages, the cost difference might not be as severe as you once thought. Some people balance the convenience of a moving company with what they can afford. This hybrid approach to moving might mean you’ll pack up and label all of your things, and on moving day, the company comes and loads up the truck for you, then unloads it at your destination.

The Time Crunch

How quickly do you need to move? If you have more than a month, that gives you time to organize and sort your possessions. You can get rid of accumulated things you won’t be taking to your new place. You’ll have time to plan how you’ll get your things loaded into a truck. Some people are even able to make several trips over a period of time.

In a perfect world, you’d have all the time you need to move your things. But sometimes circumstances mean you have to move with very little notice. If you have less than a month to organize your move, pro movers can be a huge relief. Pro movers have a ton of experience in packing and organizing in a hurry. They can have your house packed up and in transit to your new home faster than you could do it yourself.

Control Over the Process

A final consideration in the moving process is control. Some people prefer to be in control of each step. It can be tough to let a crew come in and pack up your personal or delicate items. When you hire a moving company, you have to let others pack your things, and you may not have control over when the company transports your items.

Final Thoughts

A lot of decisions in the moving process come down to time and money. You may have the time to sort and pack yourself, or you may not have the budget to hire a moving company. But if you don’t have enough time, a moving company can give you peace of mind. Hiring a moving company could take some of the pain and stress out of moving, whether it’s across the country or down the street.

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