Safety Trends That Commercial And Residential Owners Should Know About
September 12, 2022 Mark MacFarlane

Safety Trends That Commercial And Residential Owners Should Know About

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Safety Trends That Commercial And Residential Owners Should Know About

Safety Design Trends

Safety in residential and commercial buildings is a crucial part of the design process these days, from parking lot lighting to the landscaping, and there are a few trends that have begun to show up lately. Smart technology makes it easier than ever to offer security features to residents or employees, while motion-sensor lighting and faucets have made energy efficiency–and therefore, cost efficiency–a priority. If you’re a builder, contractor, or homeowner who is designing or building your own house, there are several safety trends you should be aware of. Here are a few safety ideas to consider for your residential or commercial building:

Choose durable, effective lighting

The right lighting solution for your needs will depend on the area you’re illuminating and how big it is. Motion-sensor lighting is great for bathrooms in commercial buildings since it saves money on utility bills and ensures that the bulbs last longer. For parking lots and other outdoor spaces, you’ll need to consider a few different factors, including the elements. Outdoor lighting should be bright enough to illuminate a wide area, and the poles and bases should be weather resistant. Typically these are made from aluminum or steel, but you can find decorative options if you want to keep your lighting options within a certain design theme. These poles are a perfect option when raised lighting is needed without a nearby structure.

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Make outdoor areas safer

While the right lighting can make a big difference to the safety qualities of any area, it’s also important to consider how things like landscaping, fencing, and outside access affect the property, especially when it comes to outdoor areas like parking lots, picnic spots, or trash receptacles. Keeping shrubs low to the ground and providing fencing or security gates near areas that are close to public access will help keep residents and employees safe and prevent unauthorized individuals from entering or hiding on the property. Dumpster areas should be clearly marked with the proper signage and surveilled at all times.

Keep up with the trends in security tech

When it comes to making a space safer, you’ll also need to consider the latest trends in security technology. Gone are the days when the only option was a keypad at the door of an apartment or office building; now, you can utilize card readers or even face recognition for amped-up security. Surveillance cameras and smart doorbells have also been utilized for commercial and residential buildings alike, not only for safety’s sake but also to help make apartments more accessible for individuals who are living with a disability or seniors who have mobility issues. Automated features are perfect for the Covid era since they prevent contact and keep surface areas clean.

Think “smart” where heating and air is concerned, as well

Smart technology isn’t just for security; it can also be integrated into other features across residential and commercial properties, such as heating and air. This tech allows users to control their HVAC system from afar, regulate the temperature, and even zone the heating and A/C to different areas of the building in order to remain energy efficient during the hottest and coldest days. Whether you’re planning the heating and air system for a large office building or for a multi-family property, it’s a good idea to keep smart tech in mind since it not only saves money it can also make the property more desirable.

Ensuring that a property is as safe as possible simply requires the proper elements, from the right lighting solutions to the best tech available. Take a look at the latest trends for both residential and commercial buildings to find inspiration where safety is concerned.

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