What Is the Typical Cost To Sell a Home in Dallas?
March 5, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

What Is the Typical Cost To Sell a Home in Dallas?

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Typical Cost To Sell a Home in Dallas

sell house fast for Sale sign Before you fall down the internet rabbit hole of search results for “sell house fast Dallas,” consider the cost. Looking at the value from the beginning can help you determine a better break-even margin, so you can turn a profit when you sell your home. Bank-rate estimates that homeowners pay 5% to 6% of the sale price on average to real estate agents in commission. Zillow estimates that the average home value in Dallas is $219,173, providing a commission estimate of $10,959 to $15,343.

Renovating the Home

Attracting Dallas home buyers requires more than paying commission to a real estate agent. In many cases, the agent only helps you to source buyers by listing your home, advertising, and help with the showing process. You could still find yourself responsible for most of the work that goes into making your home more appealing to “sell house fast.”

One of the most expensive responsibilities is making repairs and renovations. If your home has significant maintenance due to the roof, HVAC system, or plumbing, this can turn off buyers. You also have a legal obligation to disclose these facts, so there’s no going around this.

If your home is outdated, then kitchen and bathroom upgrades can make all the difference. Professionals estimate that minor kitchen upgrades cost roughly $12,000 to $21,000, while bathroom renovations cost around $10,500.

If all your home needs is a little sprucing up, then a few coats of paint, a little landscaping, and some minor changes to interior fixtures could create an excellent first impression at a lower cost. In either case, finding a buyer who is happy to take the house exactly as it is can save you a lot of money.

Staging the Home

If you still live in your home, then you may feel pressured to keep it in a magazine-worthy state in case someone comes by to view it. The last thing you want is to have a potential home buyer walk in when the house is in disarray. This will either turn off the buyer or cause them to attribute a lower value to the home.

If you do not live in the house, you could pay someone to stage it. Some people stage the home and leave it as is while others do a temporary staging to take pictures and later remove the furniture. You can then use these photos online for the property listing. Some sellers even hang the staged photos in the empty rooms to remind buyers why they came to look.

Realtors estimate that you can pay as much as $600 for the initial design consultation. It can then cost another $600 per month to keep the staged furniture in the room. This explains why so many homeowners remove it and hang pictures instead. Finding a buyer who doesn’t need staged photos to see the value in your home can save you time and money. 

Living Costs

Sign with arrow showing rising costsWhen you are between homes, paying for both while living in just one becomes expensive. The amount that you are spending depends on several factors:

  • Your monthly mortgage of the home you want to sell
  • The monthly costs associated with living somewhere else
  • The cost of utilities and services maintained on the empty property
  • How long it takes for your home to sell

All of these add up over time, making a lengthy sales process even more expensive than it already is. Some homeowners try to offset this cost by using the home as a vacation rental during the sales process, but the problem arises when it’s time for a showing and the house is occupied. There’s also the problem of maintaining two sets of furniture to pull this off.

Is it any wonder why so many homeowners prefer cash buyers? Cash significantly reduces the amount of time you spend waiting to close on the home and eliminates a lot of the hassles mentioned here.

We Pay Cash for Houses

Avoid the stress, extra expenses, and choose a faster selling timeline by selling yours to a home cash buyer.

As a home seller, you want access to cash home buyers in Dallas, who offer a great price. At OutFactors, we give homeowners like you the opportunity to “sell house fast” by offering cash for your home. We buy houses for cash in the Dallas Fort Worth area, no matter what the condition is. Please visit OutFactors.com for additional information, or if you are ready to receive your fast and free cash for house offer, click here. See why it is better and faster to sell to OutFactors.

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