What Are the Reasons To Sell My Home Quickly for Cash?
March 5, 2020 Mark MacFarlane

What Are the Reasons To Sell My Home Quickly for Cash?

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The Many Reasons To Sell My Home Quickly for Cash

cash for house that is yellowSell House fastMany home sellers love the idea of “Sell My Home Quickly” but see it as unrealistic. That’s not always the case. Many folks who say “I want to sell my home quickly” don’t realize they can get a great cash for house offer with a quick close from companies that buy houses for cash. You can sell my home quickly to a home cash buyer, and it is much faster than trying to sell your home the traditional way. Here are the top reasons to sell my home quickly to a home cash buyer, like OutFactors.

1. Fast Timeline: The Sale Is More Likely To Finalize (and Quickly)!

Cash for house transactions are more likely to go through than sales that depend on various underwriting, lending, and financing regulations. For example, buyers who plan to buy your home may be turned down for their loan despite being pre-approved or simply change their minds and decide not to buy your home. Either scenario draws out the process considerably.

Cash for home transactions lead to a faster timeline. Your sale could be finalized in as little as one week. At most, it should take three weeks, which is still considerably less than the four to seven weeks that conventional financing takes if everything goes well. If any obstacles rise, you’re looking at a timeline that’s more than seven weeks.

Here’s a quick look at a cash for house timeline and a traditional timeline.

Sell My Home Quickly Timeline (One to Three Weeks)Sell House fast Hassle Free way red stamp

Traditional Timeline (Four to Seven Weeks)

  • Thousands of dollars to get the house up to standard
  • Lots of negotiations
  • High closing fees
  • Stresses about last-minute cancellations

2. Convenience: No Repairs and Skip Other Costly Expenses

The standard advice among real estate agents is to address issues like roof repairs, clutter, peeling paint, and “loud” colors on walls before a house goes on the market. A house that is presentable and in good condition has a better chance of selling compared to a house that needs a lot of work. Usually, a house that needs extensive repair will attract buyers who can ‘Fix and Flip’ it.

To balance out these changes and repairs, sellers include the cost in the sale price. For example, a home that would’ve gone on the market as-is for $180,000 can be placed on the market for $210,000 once the expensive repairs and improvements are completed. This makes sense when it comes to conventional selling, but this places a lot of stress on a seller who must pay upfront for the costly repairs while not knowing how long it would take for the sale to close or the final sale price.

Many cash home buyers have renovation skills and a keen eye for the expenses and timelines associated with different home issues. They are familiar with locating and working with various contractors and the work required to renovate a home. A cash for home buyer would rather pay $180,000 cash for a home and take care of the associated work on their own.

3. Fresh Start: Take Only What You Want

Sell House As-Is junk all over roomMaybe you wouldn’t like to worry about hauling decades’ worth of furniture and accumulated clutter to your new place or to storage units. Cash for home buyers are much more amenable than regular buyers to this kind of thing. They’re flexible and want to make things convenient for sellers. Many cash for home buyers are happy to purchase a home as-is. Sellers can leave everything they want inside the home and have a fresh start to their new lives. There is no need to spend weeks packing and cleaning, spend on expensive services to deep-clean carpets, and clear out years of accumulated stuff. When you sell house as-is, it removes the stress of fixing up your home or paying for renovation expenses.

4. Peace of Mind: Sell House As-Is

Many Dallas home cash buyers intend to fix up homes and sell them for a profit. They’re willing to buy homes in any condition, even in poor condition. Sometimes, the worse the condition of a home, the more appealing the house is to a cash home buyer.

For the seller, a sell my home quickly for cash transaction provides immediate peace of mind. Once they accept a cash for home offer, they know exactly how much cash they will be receiving versus what they may get months later trying to sell the traditional method.

5. Sell My Home Quickly

Do you want to sell your house for cash and close quickly? No problem! A huge benefit of sell my home quickly to a home cash buyer is the ability to get your cash now and put the money to use!  Whether you have medical expenses, school fees, or want to buy that dream boat you’ve always wanted, selling your home fast for cash can provide this for you!

Get Your Highest Cash Price Offer Today!

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